Integrated supply business

Trial Market was founded in 2001 and since then the company has grown into an acknowledged leader in the sphere of providing any scale companies with consumable materials. We have become a vital part of supply chains for such markets as Food Service, Grocers, Hotels, Cleaning and Nutrition.

The main product groups include:

  • Disposable tableware and accessories — cups, plates and trays, cutlery, accessories for bars and receptions, for baking and confectionery; goods for barbecues.
  • Food packaging — plastic and paper containers; pizza boxes; food wrap; vacuum packets; aluminum foil; biodegradable trays.
  • Packages, packing materials — packing bags; household packages; garbage packets; technical wrap; scotch tape; special tapes and dispensers for them; vegetable mesh; seals; paper packages; paper wrap.
  • Household chemicals — detergents for washing and sanitation; soaps, soap dispensers; rust removers.
  • Equipment for cleaning – sponges; washcloth; napkins, rags, mops, brooms, brushes, scoops, technical fabrics and towels, equipment for cleaning streets and washing windows; tanks for garbage; basins, buckets, gloves, pads for floor cleaning machines, hand pads.
  • Hygienic products — paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, wiping materials and dispensers.
  • Check tape and labels — thermal labels and tapes; etiquette tapes; etiquette-pistols; stickers with logo.
  • Professional chemistry – detergents for kitchen care, for disinfection, for floors and carpets caring; sprays, bottles, dosing tools.
  • Stationery — paper for office equipment; pads, notebooks, note paper, labels, envelopes; goods for office work, electrical goods, writing accessories; equipment for laminating; folders.
  • Personal protective equipment – gloves, aprons, bathrobes; fire safety equipment.
  • Goods for hotels — disposable sets of cosmetics and personal care products; hangers.
  • Textiles – towels; terry dressing gowns; terry slippers.
  • Goods for beauty salons and medical centers — universal consumables, goods for procedures and hairdressers; accessories for sterilization and disinfection of instruments.

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Audit of purchasing activity and assortment optimization

Along with deliveries of the wide inventory, the company «Trial Market» renders services in audit of purchasing activity and optimization of bought assortment. It allows our clients to save millions roubles a year, keeping high requirements to quality of the goods, terms of delivery and culture of service.


How to become a supplier GC «Trial Market» works with suppliers around the world. We keep up with the times and contribute to the development of new product categories, the introduction of exclusive products on the market, the formation of the optimal assortment line for each trade direction. We are always open for new contacts and variants of cooperation, both in the format of wholesale purchases and purchases in small batches. At the moment the company has already developed a base of permanent reliable suppliers, but, nevertheless, we are interested in its expansion. We consider various proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation. If you have a proposal for us, please write by We aim to create and maintain partnership with our suppliers. That is why we suggest creating our cooperation, being guided by the principles of honesty and transparency. We guarantee that the proposal of any supplier on goods delivery or services will be read and taken into consideration.